Claims Process

The Accident Scene

Call the Police

  • Tell your side of the events
  • Don’t accept blame or admit fault, let the officer decide fault.

If the Police Don’t Show up or there is no Police Report

File your own Accident Report with Police Department

Take Pictures (lots of pictures)

  • Pictures of the accident scene, Position of all vehicles involved, Damage to all vehicles, Skid marks, Street sign or Traffic signal.

Take Notes at the Scene

Note things like: Weather/Road conditions, If present the smell of alcohol or slurred speech of on the other driver, Aggressive attitude or actions.

If you are hurt, be sure to tell the officer and seek medical care right away!

If you are not feeling pain at the moment, simply tell the officer that you are still stunned by the wreck and you are not exactly sure how you are feeling.

  • Many times the shock of the wreck and adrenalin will dull the sense of pain following a wreck.


A Whiplash Provider Network Claims Expert will discuss various aspects of your accident.

  • We take a history of events surrounding the accident
  • Document any injuries you may have sustained
  • We also discuss the next steps of the claims process with you

Next, our Claims Experts will perform a thorough Claims Assessment by:

  • Checking for all available insurance coverages.
  • Obtaining a copy of the Police Report (by law this can take up to 10 days)
  • Locating a treating provider near your home or work
  • Note: Serious cases can be complex and may be referred to an attorney to handle the claim and negotiate these more significant injuries. (ie. fractures and surgical cases)


Filing with Your Insurance

  • It is important to contact your insurance company and inform them of the wreck
  • Get Claim # and Adjuster Contact Information
  • Request a Declaration Page (be sure to send a copy to our Claims Expert)

Filing with the Other Person’s Insurance

  • Get Claim # and Adjuster Contact Information
  • Don’t Accept Blame / Fault
  • Don’t Accept A Quick Settlement (always be sure to get an examination first)
  • Let adjuster know you are injured, but only describe where you hurt and how bad, let the adjuster know your doctor will describe the injuries and diagnosis of your condition.


Initial Exam – The doctor will examine you, diagnose your injuries and determine your course of treatment.

Treatment can be as short as 1-2 visits or more than 3 months, it all depends on your injuries.

It is important to attend all appointments, because gaps in your care will hurt your case.

Treatment may consist of:

  • Medication – Massage – Physical Therapy – Chiropractic Care – Diagnostic Testing
  • Referral to Specialist: Pain Management Doctor – Orthopedic Surgeon – Neurologist – Neurosurgeon – Psychiatrist – Dentist.

Final Exam is IMPORTANT! The Doctor’s Summary Report is what documents your:

  • Injuries and Diagnosis
  • Treatment and Recovery
  • Future Medical Care that may be needed
  • Your Long-Term Prognosis and any Impairment you may have suffered
  • Keep a Pain Journal – Describe all activities of daily life that are painful, limited or that you have to alter to perform.
  • Use this time to get records and past hospital/medical records & bills. Also find your receipts for any other expenses related to this accident.
  • Keep in mind that during your treatment the other driver’s claims adjuster may call to check on your recovery. Be careful what you say!!


Tell the Adjuster you’ve completed all treatment and you will soon be sending them a claims package.

    • Whiplash Provider Network will submit bills & medical records for all “In-Network Providers” directly to the Insurance Adjuster.
    • Whiplash Provider Network will provide you with a copy of your medical bills & records for all “In-Network Providers”.

The Demand Letter (3 Options)

Write yourself – Here are 4 links to website that can help you write your demand letter:

Pay a Paralegal to write demand letter

Hire Attorney to represent you exclusively for pain and suffering.  He will also write your demand letter and negotiate a settlement for your pain and suffering and future medicals

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