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The Whiplash Provider Network is a comprehensive multi-discipline network of healthcare providers who are skillfully trained in the diagnosis, care and treatment of motor vehicle injuries of all types, from back injuries to neck injuries, even concussion and traumatic brain injuries. We place a high value on following the standards and guidelines and are a proud member of Best Injury Practice Standards. We believe that a team approach is the best way to deliver quality healthcare to our patients, so our providers work together using their expertise to address the individual needs of each patient.

Statistics show that nearly 50% of all patients injured in a wreck will develop chronic pain, and the best way to prevent chronic pain is early intervention directed at the “root cause” of the symptoms. We use the latest, advanced diagnostic imaging to accurately diagnose the injury and emphasize active therapy to reduce recovery time to quickly return patients back to their activities of daily living. By addressing these conditions early, we can dramatically reduce the number of patients who will suffer with chronic pain, which in also reduces the need for prescription pain medications, specifically avoiding the use of opioids.

We are also working to address the need for follow up care for those injured in these auto accidents upon their release from a hospital, emergency room or urgent care. Traditionally, these patients are told to “follow up with their family doctor”, but family doctors aren’t equipped to treat automobile injuries and are forced to turn these patients away. This creates problems for the patients who most need the care and this gap in healthcare usually results in delayed treatment, spotty treatment or even no treatment. When left with no other treatment options, these patients often are forced to turn to TV Trial Lawyers who dictate their care and ultimately charge 30%-45% of the patient’s settlement.

The Whiplash Provider Network is able to address this need for follow up care by actively building working relationships with these emergency care facilities and family practitioners. Now these facilities can confidently make patient referrals to the doctors of the Whiplash Provider Network knowing that their patients will be cared for by a group of doctors with the experience to treat these types of injuries. Additionally, our providers prefer to work directly with the Insurance Companies to settle a patient’s injury claim without ever using an attorney.

In fact, hiring a Lawyer to handle your injury claim isn’t the intended way the healthcare system is designed to work for an auto accident. All states mandate that every insurance policy MUST contain 2 specific types of coverage. One to pay for damage to your vehicle and the second to pay for injuries resulting from the wreck.

No one hires an attorney to help them get their car fixed. One simply gets a few quotes from a repair shop and submits them to the insurance company and after a little haggling the insurance company pays the body shop for their repairs.

The claims process for an injury works pretty much the same way. One would simply let the insurance adjuster know that they have been injured and that are currently being treated for those injuries. Similar to the body shop the doctor will submit the bills and medical records to the insurance company and then after a little negotiating, the insurance company pays the doctors for the treatment. This gives the patient peace of mind knowing that their bills will be taken care of and removes the stress of having to figure out the payments to the providers at the end of the settlement.

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