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– Chiropractors
– Medical Doctors
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– Pain Specialist
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Our bills are paid directly by the insurance company so there’s NO OUT-OF-POCKET for treatment and State Law Mandates that an Insurance carrier must cover all medically necessary treatment within the limits of the policy.

No Attorney Required

In most cases, the answer is NO, because hiring an attorney reduces the amount of money available to pay for treatment and pain and suffer by as much as 30%-45%.

More serious cases may warrant legal representation.

Houston Auto Accident Injury Treatment


1. Accepting a Quick Settlement

Too often good people accept a quick cash offer from the insurance companies but later on realize they are still experiencing pain from the wreck.

This is why you should always be evaluated by a physician who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of automobile injuries, like the doctors from the Whiplash Provider Network, before you even entertain a settlement.

2. Under Estimating your Injury

Whiplash is a real thing that can have long lasting effects on your body! Don’t downplay the minor symptoms, because pain isn’t always the best indicator of the severity of injury.

A car wreck is a major life event that most people just want to get behind them, but research shows that it these accidents often have negative consequences that may affect you for the rest of your life.

3. Delaying Treatment

A delay is treatment does not mean you can’t receive medical care and too often good honest people delay treatment to avoid the stigma of hiring an attorney and getting involved in a lawsuit. But there is no denying it, if you realize that you are in pain from the accident weeks or even months later seek medical attention right away.

You may have even been told by an attorney or insurance adjuster that you have waited too long to receive treatment for…

4. Using Wrong Insurance

Always use Auto Insurance to pay for auto related medical care, not your Health Insurance! This is another area where people are confused about how to best pay for medical expenses.

State law requires a driver to carry insurance coverage specifically to pay for bodily injury in case they injure someone in a…

5. Not Checking Your Own Policy

You May Already Be Covered! Not checking your insurance policy or not understanding your coverages could be the difference between getting medical treatment you need or not.

Insurance coverages can be confusing, and many people don’t actually understand the different policies or what they cover but if your policy includes coverages like PIP, MedPay or UM/UIM soyou may be covered for medical treatment. Let the…

6. Never Admit Fault

It is always stressful right after an accident so during this emotional time admitting fault for a car accident is never a wise move and it may be something you regret later.

Even if you feel that you caused the wreck or the other driver blames you, it is still best to wait till the shock wears off. Even saying something innocent like “I Am Sorry” could be seen as an admission of guilt. 

The Process

Whiplash: A True Modern Epidemic

3 Million Are Injured Each Year
1.4 Million Develop Chronic Pain
1 in 4 People will Struggle with Chronic Pain For Life
The #1 Cause of Chronic Pain is Delayed Treatment


Whiplash Injuries are a Real Thing!

-80% of all car wrecks occur below 12 MPH
-This video demonstrates the huge amount of energy transferred in a typical parking lot wreck at 9.9 MPH
-The energy transmitted is 13 times the driver’s normal with to the driver’s head & neck!
-Never correlate your injury to the amount of vehicle damage.

Do not take Chance With Your Health!
Always get a medical exam with Diagnostic Testings

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